Welcome to our place online. Perfect Finish (Ipswich) provide a one-stop solution for all aspects of interior or exterior property maintenance, to Commercial or Residential clients. Repairs, upgrades, construction, emergency support or installation, with reliability and quality. Based in Ipswich, Suffolk, with coverage of a wider area of surrounding locations.

  • Carpentry, electrics, plumbing, tiling
  • Bathroom / kitchen improvements
  • Carpet, flooring, laminate, boarding
  • Windows, doors, bespoke lighting
  • Handyman, shelf, mirror, pictures
  • Furniture flatpacks, curtains, blinds
  • Smart home integration
  • Alexa, Google, App control
  • Led display, TV screens, digital signage
  • Shopfitting, Amenities or office fitting
  • Commercial refurbishment
  • Security Locks, alarm, CCTV
  • Lofts, roofs, garage, garden
  • Shed, decking, fencing
  • Paving, driveway, path, lights
  • Project management


Ipswich Handyman emergency areaPerfect Finish evolved from the need for various tradesmen, to support regular contractors covering the Anglia region and South East of England. Local popularity created a path to break from this widespread coverage, and focus on Ipswich, Suffolk, and North Essex too. Dedicated to our town and surrounding areas, Perfect Finish (Ipswich) are now established with offering fast, reliable, and quality service. Experienced and ready to help, for small or large jobs.
Ipswich emergency repairs home maintenance

You may have discovered us by recommendation, since we do not do any paid advertising. Our contracts and support from regular clients ensure we can continue. Perfect Finish thank you for your interest and value all previous, existing, or future, custom.

Additionally, we are proud to be contractors for large scale Nationwide Mental Health Recovery organisations, as well as various Housing landlords and business commercial properties too. Delicate or difficult, sometimes you may need more than a tradesman you need understanding, which is why Perfect Finish are different from the rest.


We are not just for commercial clients or property landlords. Examples of regular local work we encounter would include the following:

Emergency plumbing or heating repair. You may need a fast plumber for leaks or failed parts of water systems, including; central heating, hot water, toilet flush, taps, sinks, baths or showers. Waste water blockage, ceased pump, tap or pipe seals, but also for non-emergency wet-plumber repair or installations. Washing machine install, replacement taps, bathroom or kitchen pipe work, or other water requirements.

Electrical repair, sockets or lighting. LED upgrades or bespoke lighting, TV screen to wall, audio systems or CCTV cameras, plus network wiring and home office set up. More recently, Smart Home integration with Alexa or Google devices are now popular. Voice control Central Heating boiler thermostat, lighting, security or more, with modern gadgets provided by Google Hub or Amazon Alexa.

Carpentry, inside or outside. Handyman furniture building or flatpack construction, picture or shelf hanging, kitchen fitting, loft boarding, garden decking, sheds or fencing. Wood joinery requires skills, but often smaller woodwork jobs are overpriced by dedicated carpenters, kitchen fitters, or specialists. Carpenter work is popular with us since we tailor to you for the varying level of quality carpentry required.

Security and rapid response safety, which includes; doors, locks, handles, windows, fire alarm, on-site attendance for fast assessment or repair. Installing CCTV, alarm or sensors, safes, or integrating and networking your security products. From locksmith to handyman to specialist repair of cameras, DVR, NVR or other technical security devices, Perfect Finish have the solutions.



Emergency call; electrician, plumber, locksmith, carpenter. Home or business, we have you covered. Please scroll down for contact details. Some of the reasons for emergency attendance may be; water leaking, heating failure, toilet or drainage issue, exposed cables, electrical danger, power loss, property security, lock replacement, window glass breakage, safety or to minimise damages.


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